Connecting with other like-minded Veterans was a challenge...

When leaving the military, I realized how difficult it was trying to connect with other veterans in different cities where I lived who shared similar interests like surfing, running, and outdoor sports.

My busy schedule and family life with my wife and four kids made it even more challenging to schedule things I enjoyed doing with friends.

PlanSoon can really help me create plans around things I love doing on a schedule that works for my family and I.  I believe PlanSoon will be a great tool for connecting like-minded veterans that want to share their experiences and interests while having a good time.    

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How to stay connected without email overload?

I love engaging with my yoga clients, especially when they develop new friendships from my classes.  My brain feels like it will explode, however, with all that email chatter.


PlanSoon is a spiritual blessing!  Now I can post a yoga or nutrition class and quickly log-in through my Facebook to see who’s attending and enjoy them connecting and having fun.


I've become much more organized through PlanSoon without even trying. Now if PlanSoon could only help me with my teenage daugthers' crazy schedules!

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I like my partners fast. (That’s what he said!)

There’s nothing better than a Saturday afternoon of golf to relax after a tough week… except when your partner takes 3 practice swings on every shot!


I’m an 18 handicap golfer and I play fast.  You don’t know how people play until they’re on the course and then it’s too late. I’ve seen people on the course who play the same way I do, but there’s no easy way to connect with them.


That is, until PlanSoon.  I love it because I can connect with people who share my same interests, such as playing golf in a certain way, at certain times and on certain courses.


I no longer have to keep my fingers crossed hoping I find a suitable partner. PlanSoon lets me work that out in advance.

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